Commando Challenge


1. After Completing their IPPT for the year (1/7/2016-30/6/2017), Participants can send in their IPPT result slip to

2. Top 10 results (BY POINTS) will stand to win attractive prizes! The TOP scorer will also enter the Fighter Fitness IPPT Hall of fame.

3. In event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be timing for 2.4KM run.

4. This event is open to all Fighter fitness staff / members and also FF partner schools.

4. Fighter fitness management reserves all rights for decision of the final result.


RANK Name School Martial art IPPT Score
1 Melvin Tan FF Pioneer Muay Thai 91
2 Kelvin Tan FF Pioneer Judo 89
3 Marco Kwong KMDT Singapore Krav maga 89
4 Billy Lim FF Pioneer Muay Thai 88
5 Dovan Wong FF Pioneer Muay Thai 87
6 Tom Ooi FF Pioneer Muay Thai 86
7 Chong houquan FF Hillview Muay Thai 85
8 Melvin Ang FF Pioneer Muay Thai 85
9 Kelvin Tan FF Pioneer Muay Thai 84
10 Michael Lim The Dojo Judo 83