Hatha Yoga

Yoga can take on meanings such as "connection", "contact", "union", "method", "application", "addition" and "performance". In simpler words, Yoga also means "combined". For example, guṇáyoga means "contact with a cord"; chakráyoga has a medical sense of "applying a splint or similar instrument by means of pulleys (in case of dislocation of the thigh)"; chandráyoga has the astronomical sense of "conjunction of the moon with a constellation"; puṃyoga is a grammatical term expressing "connection or relation with a man", etc. Thus, bhaktiyoga means "devoted attachment" in the monotheistic Bhakti movement. The term kriyāyoga has a grammatical sense, meaning "connection with a verb". But the same compound is also given a technical meaning in the Yoga Sutras, designating the "practical" aspects of the philosophy, i.e. the "union with the supreme" due to performance of duties in everyday life

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fighter fitness provides Hatha yoga lessons by our in-house certified yoga instructor



Tiffany is Yoga Alliance RYT200 registered Yoga teacher, whom finds joy in sharing her love of yoga, and understands fully that every yogi possesses different abilities and aptitudes. Her passion exudes in her classes which make both experienced and beginner yogis feel totally at ease. Styles: Hatha, restorative, Yin, Gentle flow