Brandon Ng (Bardon)

Bardon is Singapore's undisputed #1 muay Thai fighter. He is the first Singaporean to win a WBC title and is currently holding the WBC (World Boxing Council) Muay Thia Welterweight Champion of Singapore. He is also one of the best welterweight fighters in the world, currently being ranked no. 17 in WBC Muay Thai (dated 01/07/2019). Being the best muay Thai fighter in Singapore, he will teach you the applications of advanced muay Thai techniques.

Current WBC Muay Thai welterweight Champion of Singapore
ex Patong Stadium Muay Thai welterweight Champion
AMAS National Amatuer Champion 2011 (57Kg)
Team Singapore at IFMA world Championships 2014

- Frequently Fought in Lumpinee stadium since 17 years old
- Fought in Max Muay Thai
- Fought in Toyota CUP Marathon Muay Thai
- Fought in All star Fights (Hong Kong)
- Fought in AFC (Asian Fighting Championship)

Experience: 53pro fights
33win -18lose -2draw

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