Rico Desengano

Desengano, Eduard Cedric Estrabon (Rico) is an amateur boxer coming from the renowned Farrer Park boxing gym. He is part of the fight team and assists the junior boxing prospects on their boxing training and routine. He is still actively participating in amateur boxing tournaments. He specializes on traditional boxing training as taught by his seniors. What to expect from Rico? Classic boxing tips and tricks, footwork drills that will improve your agility, and some strength and conditioning. Rico believes that simplicity is the most effective way to box. It motivates him seeing new boxers improve and do well in their craft. The best coaches are the coaches that love seeing their students achieve their goals. Rico's favorite shout out is, "Work!! Work!!", expect hearing this often. During his free time, he babysits his two kids.

Gold medal in SABA national amateur Boxing association invitational tournament (november 5 , 2016. SINGAPORE)



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