Yusri Iswandi

Hi, Im Yusri Iswandi. I started in the game of Boxing since the year 2012. I’ve participated in fights, such as Freestyle Fights, Boxing/KickBoxing. My experience in the ring has been over 2 years. You can see my attention during sparring time. I expect to see execution of any specific technique. I'm more of a technical type of coach. In my class, I love emphasizing more on footwork, movement and execution. My training and drills has been benefiting my students in Fighter Fitness boxing class so far, and there’s also Circuit training, repeated drills, non-stop punches etc. Do expect a fun-learning environment kind of training when you are with me. Every single routine/drills I teach, I will ask you guys to partner-up and try. And don’t worry! I will be around to guide you guys. And do take note, if I make a stupid joke, please laugh even if it’s not funny. My Favourite Quote: “Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.”

-AMAS Certified Provisional Trainer


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