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Wing Chun is a close range martial art, which emphasizes on practicality and efficiency in its techniques rather than on brute strength.
Efficiency in Wing Chun is based on the concept that, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and it always focuses on the opponent's centre line.
Practicing Wing Chun also helps to improve ones sensitivity, reflex, balance, and co-ordination.
Origin of Wing Chun: Legend has it that Wing Chun martial art was founded by a woman named Yim Wing Chun who studied self-defence from Ng Mui, a Buddhist nun of 'Siu Lam' (Shaolin Temple, China) to repel a suitor.
However, Wing Chun's origins can be traced back earlier. During the reign of Manchu Emperor Yung Cheng ( 1723-1736), Cheung Ng of Wu Pak, also known as Tan-Sau Ng(Palm-up Ng), fled the capital when he was suspected of subversive activities. He took refuge in Fatshan. There, he formed the Hung Fa Wui Koon and passed on his knowledge of Chinese opera and martial arts to his followers. The skills he taught embodied the principles and techniques of Wing Chun martial arts.
The Wing Chun technique was further developed by Yim Wing Chun (from which the martial art was named after), Leung Bok Chau (Yim Wing Chun's husband), Wong Wah Bo, Leung Yee Tei and others. Wing Chun martial art flourished under Leung Jan. Grandmaster Yip Man brought it to Hong Kong from Fatshan and further refined the movements.

Wing Chun Singapore


Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre was established in Singapore by Sifu Kah Joo Chua.

Sifu Chua is well versed in various martial arts, and is also the founder of Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in Streatham, London and Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in Maidenhead, UK.

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